Save energy by converting from a Pneumatic into an Electric driven pump

E-Flo DC™

  • Save Energy
  • Improve Performance
  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost your Profits

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Energy Savings

Up to 5 x more efficient compared to pneumatic motors

  • Save energy
  • Save money

Improve Performance

Smooth and rapid changeover

  • Constant pressure rate like pneumatic motor
  • Constant flow rate like an electric motor
  • Easy integration into a PLC network
  • No VFD required

Increase Productivity

An electric pump that gives you peace of mind

  • Easy plug & play concept
  • Reduced down time
  • Less noise in paint kitchen

Boost your Profits

Energy cost reduction

  • Runaway protection
  • No icing
  • Maintenance free motor

Case Stories


Expected decrease of 50 to 60% of maintenance costs

First energy calculations showed energy savings of minimum 4000 euros a year per pump!

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E-Flo DC™

Dual control electric circulation pumps.
Ease of installation

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Estimate annual cost savings by converting from Pneumatic Pumps to Graco´s E-Flo Electric Pump platforms.



Electricity Costs per kW/hr

Air System Efficiency Assumed (%)

Flow Conditions

Fluid Flow (gallon per min)

Cycle Rate (cyles per min)

Graco Recommends a maximum continuous Cycle Rate of 12 CPM or less and a maximum intermittent Cycle Rate of 20 CPM or less.

Fluid Pressure (psi)

Inlet Air Pressure (psig)

On Time (%)

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